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Life Is the ‘First Human Right’—Lila Rose Defends the Pro-Life Position on ‘Dr. Phil’

Lila Rose
Composite image. Screenshot from YouTube / @Dr. Phil

Activist Lila Rose defended the pro-life position on an episode of “Dr. Phil” that aired Monday, Sept. 12. During the show, guests discussed the case of a woman whose unborn child was diagnosed with acrania, as well as the 10-year-old girl in Ohio who had an abortion after she became pregnant due to being raped. 

“Our fundamental human right that we all share in this room is life,” said Rose, founder and president of the pro-life non-profit Live Action. “It’s the first human right. Laws are meant to protect the weak. In a society, who’s the weakest? Who’s the weakest in a society? A child.”

Lila Rose on ‘Dr. Phil’

The “Dr. Phil” episode featured the story of a woman named Nancy, who had been pregnant with her fourth child when she learned that the baby was diagnosed with acrania. Acrania is a condition where the child’s skull does not form and the brain is distorted. 

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According to Nancy’s lawyer, Ben Crump, doctors said there was a 99.9% probability that Nancy’s baby would die within minutes of being born. Because Louisiana is one of several states that instituted “draconian” laws following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, said Crump, Nancy was compelled to seek an abortion out of state. Nancy, who has three other children with her partner, Shedric, said that not being able to have the abortion when she wanted to was “extremely traumatizing” and mentally, physically and emotionally draining. 

Phil McGraw, the host of “Dr. Phil,” asked those present for openness, understanding, and empathy. He also encouraged his guests not to demonize people of opposing positions. Appearing on the show with Nancy, Shedric, Crump and Rose was State Sen. Katrina Jackson, (D-LA), and Christian Nunes, president of the National Organization for Women. Nunes said she “absolutely” believes that a woman in Nancy’s situation who wishes to have an abortion should be protected from prosecution and that doctors should not be afraid of losing their licenses over protecting a “human right.”

McGraw asked Rose if she believed Nancy should not have had an abortion. Rose responded, “Nancy, my heart broke when I heard your story because that’s the worst thing that any mom wants to hear is that their baby is going to die, their baby has a life-threatening illness.” Rose said that she experienced a miscarriage two years ago that led to “some of the darkest days of my life. And they were dark days because it was our child. You know, we knew this was a baby. And I think that’s the fundamental point here is that we’re talking about a baby, we’re talking about a human life.”