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Satan Wants People To Think Nationalism Is Bad, Eric Metaxas Tells Skillet’s John Cooper

US Faces ‘Unprecedented Disasters in Every Single Direction’

To speak up for truth, Eric Metaxas says, it’s crucial to understand the Bible. Using Romans 13 to say we should always obey authorities, for example, is a “very sloppy, shallow, self-serving reading of the Scripture, and God will judge you for that.” That chapter is “misused by people who want to silence the church,” he adds, and “lives are being destroyed” as a result.

Metaxas believes God called him to write “Letter to an American Church,” saying, “God is trying to wake us up” and “judgment is here.” America faces “unprecedented disasters in every single direction,” he says, listing issues such as a surge in illegal immigration, the Afghanistan-withdrawal “nightmare,” transgender “madness,” same-sex marriage, America’s “weakness in the world” leading to a war in Ukraine, and the “cultural Marxism” of movements such as CRT and Black Lives Matter.

Speaking out about controversial topics isn’t about being “political or offensive,” Metaxas says, but about confessing biblical truth. “The Lord has called us to represent him and his truth to the world to bless the world.”

Christians must get political, Metaxas argues, because a strong America means a better world. People of faith must care enough to speak up and must love people through their voting decisions. Sometimes, he admits, that requires overlooking a candidate’s less-than-ideal private life. “Nice” Christians don’t necessarily make the best presidents, he notes, pointing to Jimmy Carter.

Intellectuals such as David French are “utterly wrong” and “basically never-Trumpers,” says Metaxas. As for himself, he “voted for policies” and plans to keep fighting for America, which will bless other nations. “If I want America to be strong, it’s not for me,” he says. “It’s for the whole world.”

Christians Must Boldly Reject Lies, Says Eric Metaxas

Later in the podcast, the men switch gears and discuss Metaxas’ 2021 book “Is Atheism Dead?” It’s filled with “encouraging” and “overwhelming” evidence for God’s existence, which Metaxas says he wanted to collect in one spot.

Because of growing evidence, “you can’t be intellectually honest and say there’s no God,” says Metaxas. For example, the “fine-tuned argument” recognizes that the earth couldn’t be a tiny bit bigger or smaller yet still have an atmosphere and life. And human cells are so precisely designed that it’s obvious a higher power was at work in creating them. Ironically, “the more we learn from science, the more it points to God,” says Metaxas. The same is true with archaeology, he adds.