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This Beth Moore ‘Grief’ Tweet Might Be the Encouragement You Need This Holiday Season

beth moore
Photo courtesy of Cindy Edwards

Bestselling Christian author Beth Moore posted a message on Twitter yesterday (Nov. 22) providing words of encouragement for those who experience grief as they approach this year’s Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

Grief is an emotion that usually finds its way into many people’s lives during the holiday season due to the remembrance of family and friends who are no longer here with us in this world.

Moore reached out to her Twitter friends who experience this type of holiday grief, reminding them that they aren’t alone and to appreciate the emotion(s) rather than ignore them.

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“I don’t know how this week is going for you. Holidays are such a mixed bag. They remind you of all you have and also of all you miss. Grief you may not have felt in a year shows back up at your front door with a familiar sleeping bag,” Moore said.

The Living Proof Miniseries Bible teacher shared that the older she gets “the more I appreciate the mix.”

Moore encouraged her followers to “bask in the whos and whats you have. Weep for the ones you don’t. Sit down by a tree and practice like it’s them and say, ‘We’ll be ok but I’ll miss you ever and always.’ These are the things that qualify us as human. Something of value slips in one hand and out of the other.”

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“Be awake to the embracing and releasing that is inevitably part of the family and friend holiday,” Moore said and reminded her followers who their Father God is. “Because here’s what you’ve got. The God who says you’re mine in all the loss and laughter. I’ll never leave you out, count you out or wish you out. You can sit with me til every sun sets.”

Moore concluded her viral post with encouragement: “And then we’ll ride out together, look over our shoulder and say, now, that was a trip worth taking. Yep. Mighty worth taking.”