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Candlelight Hair-Fires Are Common—Church Leaders Tell Ed Stetzer Their Most Humorous Christmas Service Memories

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Ed Stetzer, Editor-in-Chief of Outreach Magazine, recently asked church leaders to share their most humorous Christmas service memories. The responses didn’t disappoint.

Perhaps the most common theme was the retelling of stories involving hair catching fire and other candle-related mishaps during Christmas candlelight services.

“The church we were attending had traditionally used a lot of candles on Christmas Eve,” one person recounted. “But there were a lot of children in attendance also. So a decision was made to limit the candles where children might be walking or running around—even on the platform.”

The person continued, “But hey! The lip of the balcony would be a safe place to line with candles—it was wide enough. And it would look beautiful as well! That was all true, but nobody thought of the hot wax dripping on the congregation below! There was a hustle and bustle of blowing out those babies!”

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Other stories included pastor pro-tips for service this year. For example, maybe forego wearing your “singing tie,” as someone shared, “My pastor was sharing the Christmas story and bumped the button on his singing Christmas tie. We had to listen to the entire verse and chorus of Jingle Bells because there was no way to mute it.”

More Memorable and Humorous Stories From Christmas Eve Services

“In 2016 my mom passed away on Christmas morning…hang with me here. So I was actually serving at church that morning – couldn’t be at home alone. My son was singing on the stage, and was picking his nose for a solid 45 seconds. Like wrist deep. I needed that on a somber morning.”

“Child discovered a mouse in the children’s gift bag, attracted by the chocolate, his other siblings were jealous, mom was terrified, the mouse jumped out, ran out the door but was seen coming back for the next service. Best Children’s ministry ever!”

“In a children’s play a youngster had trouble reading someone’s hand writing so it was…Hank, the herald angel sings! Lots of quiet giggles on that one.”

“The girl who lit her hair on fire during our Candlelight Christmas Eve service will forever be a highlight.”

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“My sweet aunt was leading her congregation in the candlelight service. After the whole congregation was holding their candles, she stood and the pulpit and said, ‘Well now that we are all good and lit,’ at which point the congregation broke into laughter. She didn’t know why.”