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Despite Candace Cameron Bure’s ‘Traditional Marriage’ Comment, Great American Family Ends 2022 As Fastest-Growing Cable Network

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Great American Family (GAF), the new cable channel for which Candace Cameron Bure left Hallmark, finished 2022 as the fastest growing cable network. The channel was apparently not harmed by criticism Bure received for saying GAF would “keep traditional marriage at the core.” 

“Great news for Great American Media’s #GreatAmericanFamily to end 2022 and an even better way to start 2023,” said GAF in a Facebook post with a press release about the news. 

“Thank you for finding us and watching Great American Family Channel,” said Bure in an Instagram story with the GAF’s press release.

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Candace Cameron Bure Has Success With GAF

Candace Cameron Bure, an outspoken Christian who recently launched her own podcast, became famous from starring in the sitcom “Full House” in the 1990s. She went on to star in the reboot “Fuller House,” as well as a variety of Hallmark movies. After spending over 10 years with the Hallmark Channel, Bure announced in April of 2022 that she was leaving Hallmark to join Great American Family, a new cable channel launched in 2021 by Bill Abbott. 

Abbott, who has worked with Bure professionally for 15 years, founded Great American Family after leaving his position as the president and CEO of Crown Media, Hallmark’s parent company. He is now chief executive of Great American Media, which oversees his new channel. Bure is chief creative officer with Great American Family.

“Great American Family closed out Fourth Quarter 2022 as the fastest-growing network in all of cable television,” said GAF in its press release. “In only its second year, the emerging leader in original Christmas movies ranked #1 in Total Day ratings growth in Households (+113%), People 18-49 (+100%) and Total Viewers (+116%), and #1 in Primetime ratings growth in Households (+128%) among all cable networks.”

GAF says it owes its strong fourth quarter to the 18 movies that are part of its Great American Christmas franchise. Bure stars in the franchise, as does her friend Danica McKellar, who also left Hallmark for GAF. “The expanded slate of 18 films marked a 50% increase in the network’s holiday movie offering in year two and further established Great American Family as a destination for original Christmas movies,” says GAF.

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Controversies at Hallmark and GAF

Abbott left Hallmark in January 2020 shortly after the network drew criticism for pulling an ad featuring a same-sex wedding. Hallmark has had a change in philosophy since then and in December released its first movie featuring a gay couple.