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Lauren Daigle Surprises ‘American Idol’ Fan by Joining Her in Singing ‘You Say’

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Screenshot from YouTube / @American Idol

A 20-year-old contestant on Sunday night’s season 21 premiere of “American Idol” got a mid-audition surprise. On the Feb. 19 broadcast, Georgia native Megan Danielle was belting out Lauren Daigle’s hit song “You Say.” Then in through the doors walked the Christian artist herself, joining the shocked contestant in a harmonious duet.

Danielle, who has “decided to totally switch to [singing] Christian music,” told Daigle, “You’re awesome!” when they finished singing. Pop star Katy Perry, one of the show’s three judges, was visibly moved by Daigle’s appearance—even asking the two to sing the chorus together again.

The “American Idol” season premiere was filmed in Las Vegas, where Daigle happened to be performing.

Megan Danielle Is Done With Secular Venues

In Megan Danielle’s intro video, the waitress describes being in a band at age 18 and performing in bars. Trying to put on an act for audiences made her uncomfortable. One night, her beloved grandfather pulled her aside after watching her set. “This isn’t what you’re supposed to be doing,” he told Danielle. “How can you sing for God and sing for this?” That solidified her decision to sing for Jesus.

Danielle’s grandfather, whom she called “the most important person in my life,” died about a year ago. The contestant’s mother, Megan, reminded her that her Papa would be with her as she auditioned. When Megan stood outdoor the audition room and saw that Daigle would be surprising her daughter, she said, “She’s going to freak out. She loves you!”

While Danielle and Daigle chatted after their performance, they realized they both had grandfathers named Chuck. “God has a sense of humor every once in a while,” said Perry, the daughter of two evangelical pastors. Of Daigle’s surprise appearance, Perry added, “That is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen an artist do.”

Danielle remained in disbelief. “I feel like this is not even happening,” she admitted. “I’m like thank you, God.”

Megan Danielle: ‘I Hit the Jackpot!’

After singing with Megan Danielle, Daigle said she wanted to hear the judges’ verdicts. Country singer Luke Bryan told the contestant she has “a real honest rawness…like unpolished diamond stuff going on.” He added, “It’s going to be fun to watch you grow.”

Singer Lionel Ritchie said he was “in love” with something in Danielle’s voice and needs to “get you out of your shyness and have it come through your vocal cords.” Perry asked Danielle if she serves grits at her restaurant because “you got some grits stuck in your throat, and that grit is good!”