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‘This Is a Revival Season’ — Sean Feucht Announces ‘7 Days of Prayer’ on Capitol Hill

Sean Feucht Revival Initiative
Screengrab via YouTube @Sean Feucht

Through his ministry Hold The Line, Sean Feucht is launching a “7 Days of Worship and Prayer” revival initiative, which will take place on Capitol Hill starting on March 2 and will culminate on March 9 with a livestreamed worship service from inside the U.S. Capitol building.

In a video published on Tuesday (Feb. 28), Feucht said that “revival in America is no longer wishful thinking. It is now becoming our reality. As the early rumblings of awakening are being felt across the nation, we are gathering on Thursday March 9 in the ceremonial heart of the nation, the U.S. Capitol rotunda, for a strategic time of worship and prayer.”

The seven days leading up to March 9, Feucht explained, are intended to mobilize “an army of prayer warriors.” Every morning at 8:30 a.m. on Capitol Hill and at Camp Elah, Feucht’s Washington, D.C., ministry headquarters, Christians will prayer walk to the front of the U.S. Capitol and pray for revival and awakening.

“We’re believing for a wave of God’s power to hit the U.S. Capitol and everybody that it represents,” Feucht said.

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Feucht told ChurchLeaders that he believes we are living in historic times. As he, his family, and team prayed and fasted at the end of 2022, he felt like the Lord told him that this is going to be a “historic season of revival.”

“We’re already living in the in the confluence of two to three years of charging across America with ‘Let Us Worship,’ a movement that was born in the in the middle of the pandemic,” Feucht explained. “300 bold worshippers stood in a locked down city of San Francisco during a shelter-in-place order and declared a new Jesus people movement is coming to America. That was our declaration at the height of the pandemic.”

During that time, Feucht told ChurchLeaders that he and his team were getting assaulted by Antifa, fined by cities, disowned by friends and pastors, and receiving hate-filled messages from those both inside and outside the church because of their defiance of pandemic-related orders.

With what recently took place at Asbury University earlier this month and the positive reception of the newly released “Jesus Revolution” film, Feucht said, “It feels like we’re coming into the season of fullness, where those promises that we prayed and declared across America are coming to pass.”

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The outpouring that took place at Asbury University amazed and excited Feucht, especially since it was student-driven and not influenced by celebrities.

“If God can do it in that little town at that little university, he can do it anywhere,” Feucht said. What took place at Asbury University has been like a “flashpoint that’s ignited faith in people across America. And now we’re hearing of these little pockets, these little remnants that are breaking out, and I’ll tell you, as one that’s traveled to 180 cities since the pandemic happened, every region in America has a remnant.”