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‘Women, Cover Up’—Christian Twitter Debates Modesty, Lust and Self-Control in Time for Summer

Source: Ron Lach via Pexels

Summer is upon us, and that means it’s time for Christian Twitter to start debating modesty again, with one camp exhorting women not to wear clothing such as bikinis or yoga pants and another pointing out various layers of hypocrisy they see in the discussion.

“Dear sisters, as summer approaches, it is important to be mindful of your clothing choices,” tweeted Alaska pastor Nathaniel Jolly. “Prioritize dressing modestly in the fear of God, & being considerate of your brothers in Christ.”

“Bikinis are closer to nudity than ‘swim wear.’ Women, cover up—especially Christian women,” tweeted Gabriel Hughes, a pastor at First Baptist Church in Lindale, Texas. “Yes, sisters, you are obligated to be mindful of the conscience of your brothers in the Lord. If you cause your brother to sin, you also sin.”

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Modesty and the Christian (Woman)

“Acceptable occasions to wear yoga pants,” tweeted Eric Conn, host of the Hard Men Podcast. “Alone in your house w/ your husband. Working out alone in your private gym while your husband watches you. The end. No public venues. Not social media.”

Conn said that the anger he and others evoke for speaking out on this topic is due to the fact that “society worships women.”

“The idols worshipped by a culture are whatever you’re not allowed to criticize,” he said. “Why the outrage over yoga pants? Our society worships women. You may not address their sins. Particularly sexual sins—sensual dress, immodest speech, promiscuity.”

Several women joined the men who were entreating women to dress modestly.

“Women, if you recoil at hearing about modesty from faithful men, that feeling is likely *conviction*. Consider with me that we can be far too quick to adopt the clothing standards of the world instead of being careful to present ourselves always in an honorable way,” tweeted Ginna Cross, executive director at a pregnancy care center.

“When a man posts about modesty, the pagan mob attacks him and claims he is either controlling or a pervert who can’t control his eyes,” said another. “Couldn’t possibly be that he values women and doesn’t want them exposing their bodies to actual perverts and loves his wife dearly.”

One woman encouraged her sisters in Christ not to wear leggings ever, even at home.