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‘One of the Largest Pastor Gatherings of Its Kind’—A Recap of TPUSA Faith’s Pastors Summit

TPUSA Faith's Pastors Summit in Nashville, TN
TPUSA Faith's Pastors Summit in Nashville, TN. Photo credit: Jesse T. Jackson

Over the course of three days last week (May 24-25), Turning Point USA Faith (TPUSA Faith) encouraged over a thousand pastors in Nashville, Tennessee, to boldly stand for conservative values in an ever-changing world.

The event including testimonies, panels, speakers, and worship from various pastors, subject matter experts, and leaders in the faith community. Those in attendance included TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk, Dave Ramsey, Rob McCoy, Jentezen Franklin, Eric Metaxas, Allen Jackson, Frank Turek, James LindsayE.W. Jackson, Michael Knowles, Riley GainesDanny Gokey, Troy Maxwell, Russell Johnson, Steve Berger, Kevin McGary, Kelly Shackelford, Scott Macleod, Michael Chandler, Michael Oher, John Amanchukwu, David Engelhardt, David Barton, Ian Gilchrist, Pierre Wilson, Leanne Matthesius, Raleigh Washington, Lily Hate, Michael O’Fallon, Chad Connelly, Bill Federer, Victoria Robinson, Clint Mosley, Rich Green, and Fox News’ Pete Hegseth.

In a tweet, Kirk said of the event, “WOW! 1,100 pastors and wives in Nashville, TN for one of the largest pastor gatherings of its kind. Fighting for liberty and biblical values. Praise God!”

Rob McCoy

Pastor Rob McCoy of Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Newbury Park, California, told those in attendance that “the loudest voice of opposition” they encountered when they were sued by Ventura County for violating COVID-19 pandemic restrictions “was for many in the church itself.”

“I want you to understand the sole purpose of this conference is to equip you to protect your ability, for your sheep, to hear the truth and to know the truth, and that truth would set them free,” McCoy said.

Charlie Kirk

Kirk exhorted church leaders to “hate evil,” citing Psalm 97:10. He also warned, “If you’re not educating your congregation on what’s happening in the news, then they’re gonna go somewhere else.” Kirk urged those in attendance to ensure that the “church is never labeled non-essential again.”

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In-N-Out Burger

Sean Ellingson, husband of In-N-Out Burger owner and president Lynsi Snyder, shared how their company refused to enforce California COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

“My wife is an unbelievable warrior,” Ellingson said. “She’s like, ‘Well, what if I get arrested?…I’ll go to jail.’ And I’m thinking, oh, gosh, I gotta take care of the kids. I’m not kidding, you guys. She really was willing to sacrifice, even to that extent, to stand for [what she believes in].”

“That decision had everything to do with our faith,” Ellingson said.

Ellingson shared some of the spiritual disciplines he and his wife turn to during tumultuous times. “We fast. We pray. We’re actively involved with our church. We have a Monday night study group that we lead and have been a part of for many years now.”

One of the most important things is recognizing the need for the body of Christ, he said. “The Holy Spirit will reveal and lead us, but sometimes we’re not so keen to following his lead or recognizing where he’s leading us or what he’s saying to us. And for that, we need the rest of the body of Christ.”