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Katy Nichole Tells Candace Cameron Bure the Supernatural Story Behind Her Hit Single

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Screenshots from YouTube / @candacecbure

Breakout Christian musician Katy Nichole revealed that she prayed over a video of herself singing the chorus of “In Jesus Name (God of Possible)” prior to the clip going viral—and that was the first time she had prayed over any of her videos. Appearing on Candace Cameron Bure’s podcast Tuesday, June 20, Nichole shared that she believes the song “carries something that is not from me.”

Katy Nichole: This Song Was ‘So Different’

Actor and producer Candace Cameron Bure, the chief creative officer at Great American Family channel, just dropped the first episode of Season 3 of her podcast. The season will be a “summer song series” featuring Katy Nichole. In the first episode, Nichole shared how she got into music as a career and how she created her hit single, “In Jesus Name (God of Possible).” 

The song, which has been certified platinum, spent 20 weeks in the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs chart and nine weeks on Billboard’s Christian Airplay chart. It was nominated for a GMA Dove Award in 2022 and won Worship Song of the Year at 2022 K-LOVE Fan Awards. Nicole was also nominated as Favorite Inspirational Artist at the 2022 American Music Awards.

“Contemporary Christian and worship is my favorite,” said Bure as the episode commenced. “That’s what I listen to.” Bure said she loves dwelling on “uplifting” lyrics that remind her of who God is and the “goodness in life.”

“I’m so grateful that I get to create music that has an encouraging, uplifting message so that someone can be given hope throughout their day,” said Nichole, who is 22. “This is my heart. This is the expression of my relationship with God.” 

“As a momma, I’m very, very proud of you,” said Bure, who is 47 and has three children close to Nichole’s age. Seeing Nichole use her talent to honor God “makes my momma heart want to cry.”

Nichole shared that she originally had no plans to go into the music industry, but went to medical school to become a certified medical assistant and also spent two years as a full-time worship leader at her church. Leading worship “was an amazing thing and I loved doing it, but I had no idea where I really wanted to go with that,” she said.

After finishing her medical certification, Nichole said, “I started to feel as though the path that God was leading me down wasn’t medical, and it was music-related.” She thought at the time that journey would lead to being a worship leader. “Honestly, I would’ve been fully satisfied with that,” she said, “because I love having the community of that, and I love being able to lead people well in that, so that space was always a comfortable space for me, but I think God was trying to pull me out of that comfort zone.”

Those familiar with Nichole might know that in early 2022, a clip of her singing part of “In Jesus Name (God of Possible)” went viral, gaining 80 million impressions (Nichole explained that an impression is when people used her song in one of their videos). But what her fans might not know is just how much the Holy Spirit was working in her life in order to use the song in the lives of others.

Nichole had signed with her record label before the song went viral, and even the record deal was an answer to prayer. One month before being offered it, she had written in her prayer journal that being signed to a label was a dream of hers. She wrote down her dream, “laying it at the feet of Jesus, not really thinking much of it,” she said. Then God answered that prayer.