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Pastor Robert Morris Has ‘Immediate Surgery’ for Herniated Disc. Son Asks for Prayers

Robert Morris
Screengrab via Instagram @psjamesmorris

Robert Morris, senior pastor of Gateway Church in Fort Worth, Texas, underwent immediate back surgery after suffering a herniated disc, which was pressing against his sciatic nerve and causing him severe pain.

Morris’ son James, who is Gateway’s associate senior pastor, shared the news about his father’s back pain and asked people to pray.

“Hey everyone! Here is a quick update about my dad,” James posted on Instagram. “While he was on vacation last week, he experienced excruciating back pain. He had a herniated disc that was so large that they had to do immediate surgery this morning because it was pressing against his sciatic nerve.”

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James continued, “The back surgery was completely successful, and he has no more sciatic nerve pain. He does have some pain from the surgery. The total recovery time will be 6-8 weeks, but he will be able to be back in the pulpit preaching in August as planned.”

Morris’ son asked people to pray for his father’s recovery and provided three specific requests: “Quick and painless healing process, to be able to sleep well, and complete and total healing.”

Robert Morris, who is the founding pastor of Gateway Church, also serves as chancellor of The King’s University, which was founded by Dr. Jack Hayford in 1997.

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Morris is a bestselling author of the books “Take the Day Off,” “The Blessed Life,” “Frequency,” and “Beyond Blessed.”

Last year, Morris made headlines after challenging the congregation at the financially struggling Willow Creek Church to tithe for an entire year and offering a “money back guarantee”—refunded by Willow Creek—if they weren’t fully satisfied.

Morris shared he offers the same money back guarantee to Gateway’s 44,000-member congregation, but said that “with 22 years of church, no one has ever asked for their money back.”