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Voddie Baucham Believes Watching ‘The Chosen’ Would Violate the Second Commandment

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Dr. Voddie Baucham will not watch “The Chosen,” the popular series dramatizing the life of Jesus, because he believes it violates the second of the 10 Commandments. Baucham shared this conviction with hosts Sam Greer and Jarret LeMaster last week on “The Babylon Bee Podcast.”

Voddie Baucham Draws a Line at ‘The Chosen’

In the midst of a conversation that covered Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Baucham’s heart failure two years ago, and the state of the American church, Greer pointed out that Voddie Baucham does not shy away from difficult topics. 

Greer specifically mentioned “gospel patriarchy,” Christian nationalism, and being friends with Doug Wilson, whom Greer referred to as “Grandpa Doug.” Wilson, pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, is a controversial figure for reasons including his views on gender roles, his comments on slavery, and wanting to make Moscow a Christian town. 

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Baucham addressed all three areas Greer mentioned, saying he was not going to stop using the term “gospel patriarchy” just because people were upset about it. He views concerns about Christian nationalism as a tactic used to quiet him, and presumably others, who are drawing attention to the dangers he believes are posed by critical race theory and neo-Marxism.

Regarding where he draws a line on his collaborations, Baucham said that, for example, he is willing to go on TheBlaze because he knows Glenn Beck (a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and knows he will be able to speak freely and share the gospel. “I’m not going to be muzzled,” said Baucham, adding that he went on CNN once and “that didn’t go well for them, so I haven’t been invited back.” 

“I value friendship, and Doug Wilson’s a friend. He’s a friend and a brother,” said Baucham, noting that he and Wilson do not agree on everything. Lemaster replied that The Babylon Bee is also friends with Beck and Wilson, as well as the Harmon brothers. The Harmon brothers are the founders of Angel Studios, which is a licensee of “The Chosen” and distributed the recent movie, “Sound of Freedom.”

LeMaster, who appears in the Christian horror film, “Nefarious”—released earlier this year—noted that people of different religious backgrounds (Catholic, evangelical, LDS), including Glenn Beck, collaborated on that film. “Really, a good combination of people, the same thing with ’The Chosen,’” he said. 

“See that’s, that’s another deal. You asked me about my line. You said, ‘The Chosen,’” said Baucham, shaking his head.