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10 Christian NFL Players Who Play for God in 2023

Kendrick Bourne

New England Patriots wide receiver Kendrick Bourne declares online, “I’m a Christian Disciple!” The 28-year-old out of Eastern Washington was always a Christian, he said, but wasn’t always “truly surrendered” to Jesus. On a July episode of the Sports Spectrum podcast, Bourne described being a “big partier” until one night when “something I drank put me into a spiritual realm, a demonic realm.” After that, the athlete changed.

“I heard the message from God and was like, ‘God, I don’t want to live like this anymore. I don’t want to feel like that anymore.’ It was a scary and horrific experience because I didn’t have control, but God was still in control. He was still guiding me and walking me through it all,” Bourne said.

After a disappointing season in 2022, the receiver is determined to “pull my weight” this year. In a recent Instagram post, Bourne shared a photo of him doing sled pulls during training camp and listed verses from Psalm 59 about God’s strength.