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10 Christian NFL Players Who Play for God in 2023

Isaiah Hodgins

Isaiah Hodgins, a 24-year-old wide receiver for the New York Giants, rose “from the depths of obscurity” last season. But his faith in Jesus helps him keep sports in perspective, especially when his plans haven’t been God’s plans. Last season, “I had all these big plans for myself that I thought were so great,” he told Sports Spectrum magazine, “and God was telling me to rest and wait and continue to grow in my character and not really worry about my circumstances.”

Hodgins, whose father played in the NFL, grew up in a Christian home and attended a Christian high school. But during college, he had to make his faith his own. As a freshman at Oregon State, Hodgins “made it a goal…to be unashamed” about his faith and started inviting teammates to church.

The Buffalo Bills waived Hodgins after the preseason last year, and the wide receiver went unclaimed. Then a pastor prophesied over him, saying, “You got brought here to be sent. Buffalo isn’t your finishing place.”