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Phil Wickham Wrote New Single, ‘I Believe,’ With Deconstruction in Mind

Phil Wickham
Image courtesy of Phil Wickham

Christian musician Phil Wickham says that when he wrote his new single, “I Believe,” the many people who have been deconstructing their faith were on his mind. “I Believe” is the title track from his latest album, released on Aug. 18. It is the tenth LP from Wickham, who is known for songs including “This Is Amazing Grace” and “Living Hope.”

“There are so many searching for truth, meaning, belonging, purpose, hope, fulfillment, peace and healing,” said Wickham in a press release. “I have found all of these things and more in the person of Jesus Christ.” 

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“I think the world is desperate to see and hear people full of hope, joy, love and confidence telling their stories about how Jesus saved and changed their lives,” he continued, “about how he is the best thing they have ever found, and he will be the best thing anyone will ever find. I’ve never put more time, effort and prayer into a project, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it!”

Phil Wickham Wants To Be a Voice for Faith

Phil Wickham has been nominated for two Grammy Awards and has won four Dove Awards to date. Earlier this year, he was nominated for five K-Love Awards and won the Book Impact Award for “On Our Knees: 40 Days to Living Boldly in Prayer.”

Wickham has been nominated for several 2023 Dove Awards (the ceremony is scheduled for Oct. 17), including Artist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year – Artist, and Worship Recorded Song of the Year (for “This Is Our God”). “This Is Our God” is one of the tracks on the new album and, according to the press release, “has become one of the biggest songs of Wickham’s career to date.”

In an interview with Christian Headlines, Wickham said that he “100%” had Christians deconstructing their faith in mind when he wrote the single, “I Believe.” The lyrics to the song read in part:

I believe there is one salvation
One doorway that leads to life
One redemption, one confession
I believe in the name of Jesus Christ, hey

I believe in the crucifixion
By His blood I have been set free
I believe in the resurrection
Hallelujah, His life is death’s defeat

All praise to God the Father, all praise to Christ thе Son
All praise to the Holy Spirit, our God has overcomе
The King who was and is and evermore will be
In Jesus’ mighty name, I believe

“I get it—people get hurt,” said Wickham. “And people do dumb things in leadership…It seems like so many people I know closely that are trying to figure out their faith that grew up in church, a lot of it stems back to just the system of church in America.” However, he said that when talks to his friends about Jesus, “they think Jesus is awesome.”