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‘Only in America Would We Monetize the Spirit of Unbelief’—Sean Feucht Calls Out G3 Ministries’ Cessationist Conference

Sean Feucht
Screengrab via Instagram @S E A N F E U C H T

Yesterday, “Let Us Worship” founder and leader Sean Feucht posted a video urging Christians not to attend G3 Ministries’ Cessationist Conference, which is scheduled to take place October 2024 at John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church (GCC). Feucht said that “only in America, my friends, would we monetize the spirit of unbelief.”

“You can spend $299” to “hear scholars tell you that you cannot do the things Jesus told you you could do, like heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons,” he added.

Alternatively, Feucht invited his followers to attend a Let Us Worship event, because “all of our events are always free.” Feucht said he has seen “God moving” and that this is a “season of revival.”

“Don’t buy unbelief but step into faith,” Feucht concluded.

Feucht has shared many videos of God delivering people from substance abuse and the occult, including videos of others being physically healed during his TPUSA Faith-sponsored “Kingdom to the Capitol” tour.

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On Instagram, Feucht posted that “just because you haven’t seen God heal the sick, raise the dead, or cast out devils in your cold dead American church doesn’t mean He’s not doing this ALL OVER THE WORLD TODAY.”

“The whole world knows God heals, saves, frees and speaks THROUGH EVERYDAY CHRISTIANS,” he added. “Jesus told us we would do it, the disciples and apostles modeled it and it did not end with them. That’s the most American made up thing ever LOL. Some of y’all need to get out of America, visit the underground church and see for yourselves.”

Describing the Cessationist Conference, the G3 Ministries website says, “On any given week, countless Christians gather and participate in strange practices they believe are true expressions of the power of God.”

“From speaking in tongues to attempting to raise the dead, Charismatic Christians believe they are participating in modern miracles,” the site continues. “Are these miracles real, and are the Apostolic sign gifts in operation today?”

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“Sadly,” G3 says, “the debate over this issue has often produced more heat than light. But in the end, only one factor should determine how we answer that question: What does the Bible say?”