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Progressive Christian Jen Hatmaker Promotes ‘Libido Gummies,’ ‘Arousal Oil’ to Her Audience

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Screenshots from Facebook / @Jen Hatmaker

Progressive Christian author and influencer Jen Hatmaker is promoting sexual wellness products, including supplements designed to increase libido and oils that create arousal. In a Sept. 28 Facebook post, Hatmaker introduced the products as being in line with content she has been creating since January.

“Around here, we have been having the sex talk and chatting about sexual wellness since January, between podcast series, Me Course, Book Club selection, and more,” said Hatmaker in the caption of her post [Editor’s note: An account that commented on this post contains pornographic images]. “Well, I have something exciting for you in this category…I’ve been looking forward to the day when I could tell you this was ready.”

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Hatmaker then proceeded to describe two types of products: “libido gummies” for men and women and lubricants for intimacy and arousal.

Jen Hatmaker Markets Sexual Wellness Products

Jen Hatmaker is a self-described “progressive Christian” who says she “used to be a darling of evangelical women’s subculture but now I am a bit of a problem child.” 

Hatmaker rose to prominence as a Christian influencer following a viral blog in 2013, as well as her family being featured on HGTV’s reality show, “My Big Family Renovation” in 2014. She is the author of several books, including “Ms. Understood: Rebuilding the Feminine Equation” and “Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire: The Guide to Being Glorious You.” Hatmaker and her ex-husband, Brandon Hatmaker, co-founded Austin New Church in Austin, Texas, and Legacy Collective, a community that works to solve systemic problems. 

In 2016, Jen Hatmaker publicly affirmed LGBTQ+ relationships, after which Lifeway pulled her books from its shelves. Several years later, in a June 2020 episode of her podcast, Hatmaker shared that her oldest daughter, Sydney, is gay and the two discussed how they have navigated that journey. Later that year, Hatmaker announced that she and Brandon were getting a divorce after being married since 1993. 

Hatmaker spoke out after the reversal of Roe v. Wade in 2022, saying, “Words fail me today, sisters. Please let me say that women matter, you matter, we matter. We don’t let a tiny ruling minority tell us differently.” 

In addition to being a New York Times bestselling author, blogger, and social media influencer, Hatmaker has a podcast called “For the Love.” She also features a number of products on her website that followers can purchase at a discount, including totes, hair products, and wellness products. 

Podcast episodes from earlier this year address different issues relating to sexuality, such as being free from shame, bettering one’s sex life, and female sexual satisfaction. Hatmaker’s podcast deals with a variety of other topics as well, including empty nesting, parenting teenagers, gun safety, body positivity, resting well, and supporting the LGTBQ+ community.