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All of Season 4 of ‘The Chosen’ Will Premiere in Theaters, a First for a Streaming TV Show

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Screenshot from YouTube / @TheChosenSeries

“The Chosen” has just released a teaser trailer for its upcoming Season 4 and has announced that all eight episodes from the new season will release in theaters in February 2024. This is not only a first for the show but also a first for any streaming TV show.

“Every time we’ve dipped our toes in the theatrical waters, viewers have overwhelmingly told us they want more,” said Dallas Jenkins, creator and director of “The Chosen,” in a press release. “After seeing the Season 4 episodes, we knew we’d be doing our fans a disservice if we denied them the chance to see them all on a big screen with others they can laugh and cry with.”

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‘The Chosen’ Season 4 Will Release Feb. 1, 2024

In a July 30 livestream celebrating the conclusion of the filming of Season 4, Dallas Jenkins revealed that it was possible all eight episodes of the new season would premier in theaters before going to streaming platforms. The first two episodes of Season 3 debuted in theaters last year to great success.

Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus and who joined Jenkins on the livestream, said, “I had no idea. That’s amazing.” Both Jenkins and Roumie shared that they were exhausted after filming and described Season 4 as “deeper” than previous seasons. Jenkins said, “I actually think that this is going to be the most impactful season we’ve ever done, emotionally and spiritually.”

Part of the reason why the tone of “The Chosen” will be more serious is that the weight of his task is weighing on Jesus as he approaches Holy Week. More and more, he realizes that he is going to die and no one truly understands his mission. Roumie said that Season 4 has been the hardest to act “hands down.”

“It’s been quite a ride this season,” he observed. “It’s going to be an amazing season.”

“Clashing kingdoms. Rival rulers. The enemies of Jesus close in while His followers struggle to keep up, leaving Him to carry the burden alone,” says a press release announcing that Season 4, Episodes 1-3, will debut in theaters starting Feb. 1, 2024. “Season 4 promises to deliver where last season’s emotional walking on water finale left off.”

Episodes 1-3 will run for two weeks, after which Episodes 4-6 will release on Feb. 15 and will also run for two weeks. Episodes 7-8 will release on Feb. 29. Season 4 will debut in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, the U.K., Poland, Australia, and New Zealand. “After the full-season run in theaters concludes, ‘The Chosen’ will announce the debut across streaming platforms including The Chosen TV and mobile apps, broadcast and cable TV,” says the press release.