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All of ‘The Chosen,’ Season 4, Could Premiere in Theaters, Says Dallas Jenkins

The Chosen Season 4
Screengrab from YouTube / @TheChosenSeries

Season 4 of “The Chosen” could debut in theaters in its entirety, according to the show’s creator, Dallas Jenkins. In a livestream celebrating the conclusion of the filming of the newest season, Jenkins and the show’s star, Jonathan Roumie, answered questions from fans and Jenkins gave a first look at two scenes from Season 4.

“We are actually quite exhausted,” said Jenkins. Roumie acknowledged that he is ready for a break, saying, “I’m ready to be done. It’s been quite a ride this season. It’s going to be an amazing season.”

“I actually think that this is going to be the most impactful season we’ve ever done, emotionally and spiritually,” Jenkins said.

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‘The Chosen,’ Season 4, Is ‘Deeper’ 

At the beginning of the livestream, Jenkins celebrated the recent press “The Chosen” has gotten because of its exemption from the ongoing actors strike, as well as its success on Amazon Prime and its recent feature on the cover of TV Guide. The director also encouraged people to buy virtual tickets to the upcoming ChosenCon event in October. 

Jenkins announced that, while this news is not yet certain, it is possible that all episodes of Season 4 (which will release in late January or early February) will come out in theaters before going to streaming. Previously, the show has only released a couple of episodes at a time in theaters. “I am genuinely shocked,” Roumie responded. “I had no idea. That’s amazing.”

While Jenkins thought filming Season 3 was more difficult than filming Season 4, Roumie thought that Season 4 was more challenging, citing how much walking the actors had to do in bad weather with wind and dirt constantly blowing in their faces. There are not as many large-scale miracles portrayed in Season 4, but both men agreed that it is “deeper.”

Jenkins said that the theme of Season 3 was Jesus’ words, “Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” But, said Jenkins, ”In this season, Jesus is weary and heavy-laden.” As the story of “The Chosen” approaches Holy Week, the weight of his task hits Jesus, namely, that he is going to die and that no one really understands his mission. Roumie even got emotional at unplanned times during filming. He said that Season 4 has been the hardest to act “hands down.”

Regarding Jenkins’ and Roumie’s plans once “The Chosen” completes all seven seasons, Jenkins joked, “Can we nap for about a year?”