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‘The Domino Revival,’ Featuring Mark Driscoll, Mike Signorelli, and Greg Locke, To Debut in Theaters

The Domino Revival
Photo courtesy of The Domino Revival

“The Domino Revival,” featuring V1 Church founding pastors Mike and Julie Signorelli, Global Vision Bible Church founder and pastor Greg Locke, Trinity Church founder and pastor Mark Driscoll, Jenny and Stephen Weaver, Isaiah Saldivar, Jessi and Parker Green, Alexander Pagani, Jeremiah Johnson, Andy Byrd, and many others, will premiere in theaters for one night on Oct. 24.

The film explores how faith leaders have witnessed a spiritual awakening during what they describe as “America’s darkest hour.”

At the red carpet premiere in New York City early this month, Signorelli told ChurchLeaders that the goal of “The Domino Revival” is to make the “real Jesus” known to everyone around us. “Do you see the real Jesus in our midst? The one that walked the Galilee, who died and three days later was resurrected, and now his Holy Spirit is here on the earth,” Signorelli said. “That’s what this film is really about.”

ChurchLeaders reached out to Driscoll, who wasn’t able to attend the premiere due to the birth of his grandson, and asked why he believes “The Domino Revival” is an important film.

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“The difference between a biography and a testimony is who the hero is,” Driscoll said. “The world tells stories in terms of biography: how someone overcame odds, slayed their dragon, or climbed their mountain. The church tells stories in terms of testimony: how our God is faithful, powerful, and is still showing up and showing off.”

“This movie is a testimony about the power of the Holy Spirit unleashed through the gospel of Jesus Christ,” he added. “God is the hero!”

Driscoll shared that he is concerned for the American Church today because “the world is run by the controlling, seducing, and castrating rainbow flag-waving Jezebel spirit. The church is run by the tolerating, enabling, and compromising soft-woke Ahab spirit.”

The controversial pastor said that “we desperately need Elijah’s with the Holy Spirit making trouble, picking battles, and setting things on fire,” encouraging believers to “stop being pathetic. Start being prophetic. Call the shots. Take the shots. Stop making excuses. And to start making plans.”

“To be a Christian, you must give God your sin. To be a Christian leader, you must give God your reputation,” he concluded. “Close your ears, open your Bible, tell the truth, and get used to being punched in the face by the world and anointed in the pulpit by the Lord.”

Notably, Driscoll resigned in disgrace as pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle in 2014 following allegations that he was an abusive leader. Similar allegations have been made against Driscoll during his time as current pastor of Trinity Church in Scottsdale, Arizona.

What Others Are Saying About the Film

Parker Green said that “movies are modern day parables, and if we’re going to tell a story, we need to make sure we’re doing it viscerally, we’re doing it visually, and we’re engaging people.” This is something “The Domino Revival” accomplishes and “I’m excited about it,” he said.