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‘Talk to the Holy Spirit,’ Pastor Tells Supernatural Seeker Vanessa Hudgens

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Although actor Vanessa Hudgens was raised Catholic and previously attended Hillsong Church, she has decided to “lean into” her “gift” of supernatural communication. As part of that journey, the 33-year-old star recently filmed “Dead Hot: Season of the Witch.” In the unscripted movie, Hudgens and her friend GG Magreem—both “self-taught students of witchcraft”—explore the spiritual realm in Salem, Massachusetts.

News of the project, which doesn’t yet have a release date, has spurred warnings from Christian leaders. Mike Signorelli, senior pastor of V1 Church in New York City, says, “Satan is on a mission to normalize the demonic.”

Vanessa Hudgens Receives Warnings About Supernatural Practices 

Last month, Signorelli warned parents that the controversial new cartoon “Little Demon” is targeting children with pagan themes. Now the pastor tells CBN’s FaithWire that projects such as “Dead Hot” put supernatural practices “in a positive light despite being spiritually dangerous.” In the Bible, witchcraft “shows up as counterfeit comfort and counterfeit power,” he adds, but any promises of “success” are actually lies.

If he could share a message with Hudgens, Signorelli says he’d tell her, “We all have a desire to deal in spiritual things. But if you want to talk to a spirit, talk to the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit wants to have a relationship with you through Jesus Christ and the finished work of the cross.”

Signorelli tells FaithWire that a congregant recently discovered his kindergartner’s classroom had performed tarot card readings. “It’s absolutely insane,” the pastor says of demonic practices infiltrating culture. “What we tolerate in one generation, it literally becomes acceptable in the next generation, and then it becomes celebrated.”

Actor Vanessa Hudgens Previously Attended Hillsong

Vanessa Hudgens, who shot to fame via Disney’s “High School Musical” franchise, was raised Catholic but “never felt very connected” to the church. In 2015, she credited longtime boyfriend and fellow actor Austin Butler with rekindling her faith by taking her to Hillsong Church.

Speaking with the New York Times, Hudgens described Hillsong’s “epic” worship music, which she once led. “They really focus on you having your own personal relationship with Jesus, which is wonderful,” she added about the Australia-based megachurch.

Hudgens and Butler split in early 2020. Now Hudgens is opening up about her longtime interest in the supernatural. On “The Kelly Clarkson Show” in June, she talked about her “gift” of spiritual communication. Hudgens detailed a strange encounter with a childhood toy, told of talking to a ghost in a graveyard, and described using paranormal equipment such as a spirit box.