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Kirk Cameron Labeled ‘Bigoted Christian Nationalist’ Before Public Library Reading in Seattle

Kirk Cameron
Photo courtesy of Brave Books

Christian actor and author, Kirk Cameron, is receiving more pushback from transgender-inclusive groups who have organized a protest at his upcoming Brave books story hour in Seattle, Washington.

The event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 27th, 10:30 am PST at the Seattle Public Library and will include Coach Joe Kennedy. Kennedy made national headlines himself when he was recently reinstated as the head football coach at Bremerton High School after winning a lawsuit over on-field prayer.

Kennedy will give a short speech and lead the audience in prayer. Cameron will be reading “As You Grow,” and his newest release “Pride Comes Before the Fall,” both of which are from Brave books’ Freedom Island children’s series.

The “Growing Pains” actor, with the help of Brave books, started holding children’s story hour readings at public libraries. Cameron’s books focus on the Fruits of the Spirit and his readings, which are commonly attended by entire families, are positioned as counter-programming to “drag queen” story hours, which have been hosted at government-funded libraries across the nation.

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Cameron’s new children’s book focuses on two main characters, a zebra-striped cat named Valor who doesn’t think he can win a race with his teammate Kevin, an elephant. Valor’s pride creates relational issues with Kevin and shows how Valor comes to realize that there are things far more important than winning.

The Brave books team told ChurchLeaders, “Seattle Public Library has provided great customer service to Kirk and the Brave team and has been very accommodating and not at all restricting when it comes to First Amendment Rights.”

However, Brave books shared that after some “community backlash,” the library has been “abundantly clear” that they do not approve of Kirk’s message nor his movement.

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According to independent local news site PubliCola, the Seattle Public Library “stopped holding drag queen story time several years ago.”

In their article “Seattle Library Rents Room to Kirk Cameron, Right-Wing Crusader Against ‘Woke Marxist Librarians,’” a library spokesperson told PubliCola that the Seattle Public Library isn’t “hosting” or “endorsing” Cameron’s views. They are only providing the room that is available to anyone in the public to rent.

“We do not choose who gets to use our meeting rooms or what they are allowed to say or believe,” the spokesperson said. “That would be government censorship and a violation of the First Amendment. The Library is committed to intellectual freedom.”

In a Twitter post, PubliCola editor Erica C. Barnett labeled Cameron a “homophobic culture-war crusader who says people who have abortions are murderers.”

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Protest organizers with Puget Sound Mobilization for Reproductive Justice said Cameron and “his hate has no place in Seattle.”