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Rosaria Butterfield Accuses Revoice, Cru And Preston Sprinkle of Promoting ‘Lies’ About Sexuality

A clip circulating on X (formerly Twitter), posted by Dr. Jared Moore, shows about nine minutes of Butterfield’s talk and begins with Butterfield expressing thankfulness for her marriage and family.

“I have come to learn that while homosexuality is part of my biography, it is not part of my nature,” she said, receiving applause. “But the world that we live in, our anti-Christian age, disagrees.”

“Five lies of our anti-Christian age have coiled their way from the world to the church,” said Butterfield, going on to list the lies in question, which come from her new book, “Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age.” They are:

    1. Homosexuality is normal.
    2. Pagan spirituality is kind and inclusive.
    3. Feminism is good for the church and world.
    4. Transgenderism is normal.
    5. Modesty for women is outdated and dangerous.

“These lies,” said Butterfield, “which have entered the church and the Christian college, have one thing in common: They discourage repentance of sin and they encourage the pride of victimhood. And these lies have a subtle appearance because Satan is a liar who specializes in the persuasive lie of the half-truth.”

Regarding the lies Butterfield believes Revoice, Sprinkle, and Cru are promoting, she said, “I have believed these lies too, and not only as a Christian, and I have repented publicly as a Christian in my book, to you, in articles, and these people can do the same. We don’t throw people away, but without repentance, we don’t trust them.”

“We trust repentant saints, not just people with flashy ministries,” she added.

Compassion does not legitimize sin but motivates believers to fight alongside one another against it, said Butterfield. She warned the audience to beware of empathy leading them to work against someone’s sanctification. “The biblical truth is that homosexuality and transgenderism are found in the flesh, forbidden in the law, and overcome in the savior.”

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“Are you crushing sin in Christ or coddling it through some of the trash theology that I mentioned before that masquerades as Christian?” asked Butterfield near the end of her speech. She concluded her talk challenging the students: “Choose this day whom you will serve.”

Dr. Nate Collins, founder and president of Revoice, responded to a request for comment. “We do not believe that Rosaria Butterfield’s portrayal of Revoice accurately reflects our beliefs, intentions, or the manner in which we conduct ourselves in ministry,” he said.