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Sadie Robertson Huff: Has God’s Word ‘Been Lost on Us?’

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Former “Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson Huff challenged the attendees of Passion 2024 not to let God’s Word be “lost” on them. On Wednesday, Jan. 3, Huff shared how she herself had minimized the Bible, comparing her actions to the Old Testament account of when King Josiah found the lost Book of the Law.

“I just wonder, although we have the Word—it’s not technically lost,” said Huff, “has it been lost on us? Has the value, has the power, has the gravity of this story been lost on us?…Has it been lost on me?”

Sadie Robertson Huff: ‘This Story Has Changed Me’

In addition to starring in the hit reality series, “Duck Dynasty,” Sadie Robertson Huff is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who hosts the “WHOA That’s Good” podcast. 

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The Passion Conference is a three-day event for college-aged students that was founded by Pastor Louie Giglio and his wife, Shelley, in 1997. Passion 2024 takes place Jan. 3-5 at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

Huff opened the first session of the conference with a letter she received from a stranger that had a significant impact on her. The letter said, “Dear Sadie Robertson Huff, how do you know God is real? Practical answers only please.”

Huff said she pondered the letter for about a year without being able to come up with a satisfactory answer. She wanted to offer more than a response based on her own feelings and experiences. Finally, she got the chance to ask Louie what he thought the answer was, and he simply said, “Because the Bible.”

Huff was astounded that she had not thought of that herself. “Why did I not think about the Bible?” she wondered. 

She explained that 2 Kings 22 and 2 Chronicles 34 recount a time when God’s people were caught up in idolatry. King Josiah began to reign in Judah at age eight and was one of the few righteous kings reigning in the Divided Kingdom who determined to follow God. 

When Josiah was 26, he instructed workers to repair God’s temple, and as they did so, Hilkiah the priest found the Book of the Law. When the book was read to him, Josiah tore his clothes in lament because he realized how much the people of Judah had sinned against God. He then gathered all the people of Judah to listen to God’s Word together.