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Ed Stetzer Interviews Come and See CEO Stan Jantz on ‘The Chosen’ Set About How the Show Is Fulfilling Its Global Mission

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In an exclusive interview with Dr. Ed Stetzer on the set of “The Chosen,” Season 4, Come and See Foundation CEO Stan Jantz gave an inside look into the “unprecedented effort” underway to use the series to reach a billion people around the world with the gospel. Jantz also explained how church leaders can use “The Chosen” to spread the good news about Jesus. 

“We exist to fulfill a vision that originally came from Dallas [Jenkins],” Jantz said of the Come and See Foundation, “and that is to enable a billion people to experience the authentic Jesus and to be able to do it for free.”

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In November 2022, Jenkins, who is creator, director, co-writer, and co-producer of “The Chosen,” announced a new partnership with the Come and See Foundation that would put “gasoline on the fire” of what “The Chosen” is already accomplishing. 

Mart Green, ministry investment officer for Hobby Lobby and a Come and See trustee, and Stan Jantz, a trustee at Biola University and Come and See’s CEO, joined Jenkins for the announcement. The three men shared that Come and See would help to increase the production quality and marketing opportunities of “The Chosen,” as well as enable the show to be dubbed in 100 languages and subtitled in hundreds more. 

Come and See Foundation CEO Stan Jantz on the Mission of ‘The Chosen’

The “teal carpet” premiere of Season 4 of “The Chosen” took place on Wednesday, Jan. 17, at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles. All of Season 4 will release in theaters next month, a first for a streaming TV show. Episodes 1-3 of Season 4 will release on Feb. 1. Episodes 4-6 will release on Feb. 15, and Episodes 7-8 will release on Feb. 29. Tickets are available here.

Jenkins has said that Season 4 is “deeper” than previous seasons and that he expects it “to be the most impactful season we’ve ever done, emotionally and spiritually.”

Jantz told Stetzer that he was initially skeptical of “The Chosen” because his experience with Christian media led him to think it might be “cheesy.” Still, Jantz was initially impressed by the show’s popularity and said that, when he finally saw it, its quality easily surpassed his “low expectations.” 

Five to 10 minutes into the first episode of Season 1, he concluded, “This is different,” adding, “I’d never been touched that way on kind of a one-to-one basis with this story that I knew well.” When Green later approached Jantz about the Come and See Foundation, Jantz was already excited about the show.