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‘It Is Finished’—Season 4 of ‘The Chosen’ Is Ready To Hit Theaters in February

Dallas Jenkins
Screenshot from YouTube / @DallasJenkinsOfficial

In a video announcement this week, Dallas Jenkins, creator of “The Chosen,” shared that his work on Season 4 of the highly acclaimed show is complete. While driving to the Los Angeles airport on Jan. 8, the director and producer revealed he’d been putting final touches on the season with the composers, music and sound mixers, and other post-production staff.

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“It is finished,” Jenkins said. “Season 4 is, for all intents and purposes, done. My work on it is done.”

In a first for any streaming TV show, all eight episodes of “The Chosen,” Season 4, will release in theaters. Starting Feb. 1, Episodes 1-3 will run for two weeks. Then Episodes 4-6 will release on Feb. 15, also running in theaters for two weeks. Finally, Episodes 7-8 will release on Feb. 29.

“The Chosen,” the first multi-season show about the life of Jesus, has won awards and garnered strong viewership. An estimated 200 million people have watched the first three seasons, according to producers.

Dallas Jenkins: Season 4 of ‘The Chosen’ Is the Best Yet

Dallas Jenkins revealed that many people who’ve seen early cuts of Season 4 say something to the effect of “I’m surprised I’m saying this” or “I didn’t think this was possible, but season 4 is the best season yet.” Jenkins said he agrees with that take. “That doesn’t mean it’s the most fun [season] or always even the most enjoyable,” he added. “But I do think it’s the best, and it’s the most mature.”

Season 4 is challenging but “impactful,” Jenkins has said, because the tone grows more somber as Jesus approaches the events of Holy Week. A brief trailer for the new season aired Monday night (Jan. 8) during college football’s national championship game.

In post-production, crew members watched the Season 4 episodes on a large screen to see and hear “every single detail.” Jenkins said, “Man, I want people to see this [season] in theaters…It’s more epic, and production values are bigger, but the storylines are bigger” too.

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Jenkins urged anyone who’s “on the fence” about heading to movie theaters to just go. “Don’t be nervous about the running time,” he urged. Those times aren’t entirely accurate because they include “all the trailers and the credits.” Plus, there’s a five-minute intermission. After seeing Episodes 1-3 in a theater, Jenkins said, “I’m fairly certain when Episode 3 ends, you’re going to want to go see 4 through 6 as soon as possible.”

Tickets for the theatrical release of “The Chosen,” Season 4s are available at www.thechosenriseup.com.

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After “The Chosen,” Season 4 concludes its full-season run in theaters, the episodes will debut across streaming platforms.