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Official Trailer for ‘The Chosen,’ Season 4, Shows ‘Man of Sorrows, Acquainted With Grief’

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Screenshot from YouTube / @TheChosenSeries

“The Chosen” dropped the official trailer for its newest season on Monday, Dec. 18, and announced that tickets are now on sale for its theatrical release. The trailer for Season 4 conveys an increasing heaviness that Jesus, “the man of sorrows,” feels as he approaches his death, as well as growing tension among his followers and mounting opposition from outside forces. 

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“Darkness is not the absence of light,” we hear a voiceover of a woman saying as the trailer opens by showing an emotional Jesus. “It is more uncontrollable. And sinister. You were there, waiting because the darkness is not dark to you—at least, not always.” 

“The coming darkness was too deep for us to grasp,” she adds.

Tensions Mount in ‘The Chosen,’ Season 4

“The Chosen,” which launched in 2019, describes itself as the “first-ever multi-season series about the life of Christ.” On Oct. 16, the show released a teaser trailer for Season 4 and announced that all eight episodes from the new season will release in theaters in February 2024. This is a first not only for the show but also for any streaming TV show. Tickets can be purchased at www.TheChosenRiseup.com.

Episodes 1-3 will run for two weeks, after which Episodes 4-6 will release on Feb. 15 and will also run for two weeks. Episodes 7-8 will release on Feb. 29. Season 4 will debut in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, the U.K., Poland, Australia, and New Zealand.

“After the full-season run in theaters concludes, ‘The Chosen’ will announce the debut across streaming platforms including The Chosen TV and mobile apps, broadcast and cable TV,” said a press release about the announcement.

The show’s creator, Dallas Jenkins, has said, “I actually think that this is going to be the most impactful season we’ve ever done, emotionally and spiritually.” Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus, said that Season 4 has been “quite a ride” and the hardest to act “hands down.”

The tone of the latest season will be more serious than prior ones because Jesus’ mission is weighing him as he approaches Holy Week. More and more, he realizes that he is going to die and no one truly understands why. 

The new trailer shows the Jewish and Roman leaders escalating their hostility toward Jesus and his followers. “It would appear,” says a Jewish leader, “that we now want the same thing as Pilate.”

“Senior leaders in every district,” says another, “should question and expose Jesus.” Roman magistrate Quintus berates the Roman centurion Gaius, saying, “I told you to make life difficult for the followers of Jesus.”