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Tim Tebow’s ‘Night To Shine’ Celebrates 10 Years of Sharing God’s Love

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On Feb. 9, people with special needs were honored at Night to Shine events throughout the world. The event, launched a decade ago by the Tim Tebow Foundation, took place at 725 churches in 56 countries, in all 50 U.S. states, and on six continents. The red-carpet, prom-type experience celebrates people with special needs who are age 14 and older.

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Tebow, a former Heisman Trophy winner and pro football player, is an outspoken Christian and active philanthropist. He and his wife, Demi-Leigh Tebow, attended seven 2024 Night to Shine events last week in Central and South America, as well as three events in Ohio on Feb. 9. The couple’s social media accounts are filled with photos of the guests of honor—called Kings and Queens—dancing, smiling, and donning crowns.

Tim Tebow Reflects on 10 Years of ‘Night To Shine’

In a thread posted to X (formerly Twitter), Tebow, 36, described his mission of following Jesus, “our greatest example.” During his earthly ministry, “not only did Jesus show his love for all of humanity,” Tebow said, “but more than 60% of his publicly recorded miracles were for those that were afflicted. A lot of times, the afflicted meant special needs.”

According to Tebow, 16% of the world’s population lives with a special need. And people with disabilities “are still unseen, neglected, and often worse — thought of as insignificant, less than…There are still families who feel forgotten, who are starving for support, and children who are often viewed in their communities as shameful, or even cursed.”

Through God’s grace, Tebow said, Night to Shine has become “a worldwide movement to share the message that every person with special needs inherently deserves to be celebrated, that they’re loved, and that their true identity is a child of God.” With that biblical mindset, he added, “A person can no longer be viewed as nobody.”

Night to Shine began in 2015 as a way to mark the fifth anniversary of the Tim Tebow Foundation. “And now it’s 10 years later and look at all that God has done through Night to Shine, more than we ever could have thought, dreamed, or imagined,” said Tebow, thanking all the supporters and volunteers who make the events possible.

Night To Shine Has ‘Powerful Ripple Effect’

In an email to his foundation’s supporters, Tebow shared more photos of the 2024 Night to Shine events across the world, plus quotes from family members and volunteers. One family member in Belize described her cousin, who had been abandoned as a child, getting dressed up for the first time to attend Night to Shine. “I thank God for those people,” she said of the event volunteers.