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Tim Tebow Urges Congress Members To Give Children Suffering Sexual Abuse the ‘Biblical Definition of Hope’

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Editor’s note: This article contains information about sexual abuse and assault that some readers may find disturbing and/or triggering.

Tim Tebow joined three other experts in a panel Wednesday morning to petition a House Judiciary subcommittee to aid in efforts to identify and rescue victims of child sexual abuse. During the hearing, Tebow read the words of a young girl he called “one of my heroes,” written during a seven-year period when she was being raped almost every night. 

“Rescue me. Help me. Monsters are chasing. Can’t you see? Monsters are whispering. Can’t you hear?” Tebow read with emotion. “Monsters are shouting: ‘You’re nothing.’ Can’t you feel my pain? Monsters are pushing. End it all. Just jump. Can’t you hear all the why’s I’m asking? Monsters are laughing: ‘You’re all alone in this.’ Can someone please rescue me?”

“We have to do more than just talk about it,” Tebow said of the war against child sex abuse materials (CSAM). “We have to act on it and be about it.”

Tim Tebow: We Can All ‘Make a Difference’

Tim Tebow is a professional athlete, Heisman Trophy trophy winner, and activist. The purpose of his foundation is to “bring Faith, Hope and Love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need.” The Tim Tebow Foundation focuses on defending the “Most Vulnerable People in the world” (MVPs) in the following areas: special needs, profound medical needs, orphan care and prevention, and anti-human trafficking and child exploitation. 

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Speaking before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Federal Government Surveillance, Tebow said he was “here today to talk about the MVP. Not the MVP I chased most of my life—couldn’t get, by the way—but chased. Not the MVP most of you are probably thinking. No, not the most valuable player. A more important MVP, the most vulnerable people. That’s why we’re today.”

Joining Tebow on the panel were Jim Cole, John Madsen, and Camille Cooper. Cole is a retired supervisory special agent with Homeland Security investigations (HSI), chair emeritus of the Interpol Specialists Group on Crimes Against Children, founding partner of Onemi-Global Solutions, and the chief of law enforcement enterprise and technology at Operation Lightshine.

John Madsen is board president at Raven, a 501(c)4 political lobby that works to protect children from exploitation, and a retired detective with the Gainesville Police Department in Florida. He has 10 years as the commander of the North Florida Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program (ICAC) and also served as the chair of the ICAC Emerging Technologies working group. 

Camille Cooper is vice president of anti-human trafficking and child exploitation at the Tim Tebow Foundation.

The consensus among various Congress members, as well as the panel members, was that CSAM is growing at an alarming rate and that the problem far outpaces the efforts of those who are working hard to save children.