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Danica McKellar Celebrates 2 Years of Being a Christian

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The week of Easter, actor Danica McKellar celebrated two years of being a Christian. In an interview with Fox News Digital, McKellar shared that Holy Week is special to her not only for its significance to Christianity but also because it is the anniversary of when Jesus transformed her.

“It changed my life,” said McKellar of her experience attending church on Palm Sunday two years ago. “I don’t know what happened. Some people say the Holy Spirit came to me. All I know is that I knew.”

“I became a believer, and it was the most wonderful, transformative moment,” she said. “I was flooded with this knowingness, and I have such peace from that still after two years, and I’m so grateful for it.” 

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Danica McKellar Celebrates Spiritual Birthday

Danica McKellar is an author, mathematician and actor. In addition to appearing alongside Fred Savage in “The Wonder Years,” she has appeared in “The West Wing,” “How I Met Your Mother” and “The Big Bang Theory.” McKellar also formerly starred in Hallmark movies before leaving that channel for Great American Family channel.

In April 2022, McKellar revealed to her followers that she had come to trust in Jesus after her friend, fellow actor and former Hallmark star Candace Cameron Bure, invited her to church.

On Saturday, April 6, McKellar celebrated Bure’s birthday and said she was excited for Bure’s new movie, “Unsung Hero.” The film dramatizes the story of the family of for KING & COUNTRY’s Joel and Luke Smallbone and their sister, Rebecca St. James.

McKellar told Fox that the church Bure took her to in 2022 was Shepherd Church and that it was holding a passion play the day she attended.

When McKellar was a child, she did not observe Easter as a religious holiday. “It was the Easter bunny and egg hunts and coloring eggs. I used to believe in the Easter bunny, so it was a lot of fun,” she said. “It was a big family celebration, like a lot of holidays. And I’m really grateful to have a family who always made that effort for everyone to come together.”

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Now that she has become a Christian, McKellar has added going to church to the other Easter festivities and described the holiday as a time of “redemption and rebirth.” 

“My wish for the world is that they would feel that as well and be open to God’s love because it’s transformative, and it’s there for everyone,” she said.