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‘June 4…New Chapter’—Carl Lentz Posts Teaser Video in What Followers Believe Might Be a Return to Ministry

Carl Lentz Laura Lentz
Screengrab via Instagram / @carllentz and @lauralentz

Disgraced former Hillsong NYC pastor Carl Lentz and his wife, Laura, shared a video on Instagram announcing they are starting a “new chapter” on June 4.

No one knows for sure exactly what the Lentzes’ video definitely means, but it has caused many of their followers to speculate their return to some sort of ministry.

Lentz was fired from Hillsong NYC (a church he cofounded in 2010) in the fall of 2020 for what was described by Hillsong’s then-global senior pastor, Brian Houston, as “moral failure.”

While pastoring one of the most notable churches in America, Lentz had an affair with Brooklyn, New York, designer Ranin Karim. After he was fired, news of other alleged affairs began to surface, one of which involved a Hillsong NYC staff member who also worked as the Lentz’s nanny. She accused Lentz of sexual abuse.

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In leaked phone call, Houston could be heard telling someone that Lentz was fired for more than just a “moral failure.” On the call, Houston described Lentz’s behavior as “narcissistic” and said that he was “manipulating, mistreating people,” guilty of “breaches of trust,” and “constantly lying.”

Two years after Lentz was fired, a leaked report regarding an investigation into Hillsong NYC determined that its former pastor created a “recipe for trouble” that resulted in a manipulative and abusive culture throughout the church.

Last year, for the first time since being fired from Hillsong NYC, Lentz started working at a church again when he joined the staff of Pastor Mike Todd’s Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as a strategist.

“I’m no longer in ministry. I’m not preaching, not overseeing people; my role is to help give perspective and insight where I can,” Lentz said of the role as a strategist.

“I’m not the first man to be in this situation and I won’t be the last, but I can promise you l’ll be the guy standing with his arms open wide for anyone who’s been on this path of addiction and destruction,” he added.

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In the Lentzes’ video, the married couple of 21 years shared images of New York City, grainy images of Carl, and images of storm clouds, a burning tree, and a shadow of the couple holding hands together as they walk towards dark clouds.

“You are called to preach. I live in NY and I can tell you many of us came because of how you preached about Jesus,” one of the couple’s Instagram followers replied. “I recall one time you told the congregation to not show up just to listen to you (something like that)… but God’s anointing is on you.”