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Is God a Bully? (Some People Think So)

is God a bully

Is God a bully? God isn’t out to get you, nor is he relentlessly searching for a reason to condemn you. God is constantly seeking for opportunities to show you love and grace. He’s anything but the bully people make him out to be.

Is God a Bully?

Does the Bible talk about God’s wrath? Yes. But does this mean God is a wrathful being looking to seek and destroy anything that comes in his way? Nope. God, although disciplinary when needed, is a loving and caring Lord. The Bible is full of examples that showcase this truth. So, although God can be tough when needed, we must also understand that God’s grace is a welcoming embrace and his love is a comforting environment.

God isn’t a bully, yet so many people use “turn or burn” tactics to scare people into a relationship with him. It’s not biblical, and I believe God is shaking his head at the detrimental ways being used on behalf of his name. When people do this, they are portraying God to be someone he’s not, and for centuries we’ve seen individuals use God’s name as a tool to bully those that differ from them. Although God does have some very clear lines as to what is biblical and what isn’t, this doesn’t mean we are to showcase our beliefs in a hateful or prejudicial way. God isn’t a bully.

God Is Love

Love is that thing that everyone talks about but very few will ever truly put into action. It’s the fuel that we are called to live by, and it’s the very reason Jesus’ body was brutally broken upon that splintered tower of a cross. It’s unbeatable, unrestricted and hands down one of the greatest attributes of Jesus that anyone could ever harness. Love will transform the way you see life, and it will radically invade the way you see others. God showed us love by sending his one and only Son, Jesus (John 3:16). He is the definition of love itself.

“But anyone who does not love does not know God, for God is love.” —1 John 4:8

He First Loved Us

God created the heavens and the earth, and then loved us enough to create us in His own image. He didn’t have to do this but he did, and that’s what is so intrinsically beautiful about our existence. We were all made unique, for a purpose and destined to share his love with those we come across. We love because God first loved us. We love because God is love, and that love is the oxygen that fuels our soul. 

Is God a bully? NO! God isn’t a bully. God is love