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How to Connect With Young Families at Church

4. Text important messages

Email is no longer the latest and most efficient way to contact people. Many people today don’t ever look at a desktop computer unless their job requires them to. They access all the media and information they need through their smartphone and seldom look at email. It can be depressing to realize after all the work you do on creating email newsletters that many people won’t look at them. Texting is the next medium you must learn if you want to attract young families to church.

5. Have the option to give electronically

Many people pay all their bills electronically today and some have few or no paper checks. If you want them to give to your church, you need a system where they can do this. Not only will this make it easier for people who prefer to pay this way, but many churches have discovered that electronic giving makes contributions much more consistent.

6. Have your pastor’s sermons and those of other teachers available online, preferably on iTunes

Sunday is no longer a sacred day and many people have changing work schedules. Because of that, they may not be able to attend church regularly. If people miss, they may want to hear the sermon and if the only way you have them available, if you do, is on CD or tapes, many younger people simply won’t bother. Many of the church website templates have automatic ways to put audio files on your site. It’s important to do it if you want to make your message available and attract young families to church.