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How to Connect With Young Families at Church

7. Make social media more than a logo on your bulletin or a link on your website

If you or someone on staff isn’t regularly interacting with your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts, don’t just put these on your bulletin or as a link on your website because that’s the “in” thing to do. These tools are called “social media” for a reason. If you aren’t involved with them, don’t bother. Better, though, is to get a volunteer who loves interacting on these sites and will do to help improve connecting with young families at church..

This advice above is for more than younger families

Confession time here — though I do think everything I said above applies to attract young families to church, the article above could also have been labeled, “Some tech communication lapses in churches today that really bug Yvon.”

I am far from being described as a member of the young family target audience, but my love of and involvement with technology make all the issues above important to me. I was motivated to write it after viewing one too many church bulletins and church websites that didn’t have these things and wanting to help others to connect with young families at church.

The point here is not about my cranky preferences — it is about being all things to all people that we might win some, no matter what technology they use or what age they are.


This article on how to connect with young families at church originally appeared here, and is used by permission.