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Pro-Life Millennials? Mike Pence Has Reason to Hope

When Vice President Mike Pence predicted earlier this week that legal abortion would end in the U.S. "in our time" was the comment simply wishful thinking from a pro-life politician or are there signs that pro-life millennials are changing American culture?
March for Life

Trump at March for Life: Children Are ‘a precious gift from God’

President Donald Trump addresses the 45th Annual March for Life telling the 100,000 in attendance that he is with them.
what the Bible says about suicide

Finding Hope in Despair: Understanding What the Bible Says About Suicide

For those looking at what the Bible says about suicide, you'll find that it underscores the sanctity of life, the reality of forgiveness, and the hope that comes through faith in Christ. The Bible also encourages especially those in despair to seek help and to leaning on the strength God provides.
Albert Mohler Ben Mandrell Brent Leatherwood SBC Motions

Motions To Abolish the ERLC and To Censure Al Mohler, Ben Mandrell, and Bart...

Motions to abolish the Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) and to censure Albert Mohler, Ben Mandrell, and Bart Barber overwhelming failed during the morning session of Wednesday’s annual meeting.
Mike Pence

Mike Pence Speaks About Politics, Prayer to Southern Baptists at Indy Event

Former Vice President Mike Pence addressed Southern Baptists at a luncheon event focused on public service where he criticized President Joe Biden, questioned the future of the Republican Party and upheld faith as the answer for the country’s problems.
why did god flood the world

Understanding God’s Judgment: Why Did God Flood the World?

Why did God flood the world? The story of the Flood and its aftermath serves as a foundational lesson in the consequences of sin, the importance of righteousness, and the unfathomable depth of God's love for his creation.
what does the bible say about parenting

What Does the Bible Say About the Death Penalty?

What does the Bible say about the death penalty? The death penalty, a topic of ethical, moral, and theological debate, elicits varied opinions across different cultures and religious beliefs.
what does the Bible say about abortion

Understanding the Biblical Perspective on Abortion

What does the Bible say about abortion? As believers navigate this challenging issue, the call is to seek wisdom from God’s Word while embodying Christ's love and compassion in all interactions, recognizing the dignity and worth of every human being, born and unborn.
Tom Parker

Scripture-Quoting Alabama Judge in IVF Case Bridges Natural Law and Christian Nationalism

But those who know Tom Parker say his IVF concurring opinion was not simply a heartfelt expression of faith, but part of a strategy the chief justice has used to create legal precedent for conservative causes.
leviticus 23

Understanding the Feasts Leviticus 23

Within the broader context of Leviticus, Chapter 23 provides a blueprint for sanctity and celebration. The chapter is more than a calendar; it is a theological document that weaves the sacred and the mundane, inviting the community to remember God's provisions and promises.

The Alabama Ruling on Embryos Claimed To Be Christian. Christians Aren’t so Sure.

When Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Tom Parker issued his concurring opinion earlier this month in the court’s controversial ruling declaring frozen embryos children, he did so with an unapologetically religious flair.
what does the Bible say about suicide

What Does the Bible Say About Suicide? A Comprehensive Guide

What does the Bible say about suicide? Suicide, a deeply sensitive and complex issue, has been a topic of much debate within Christian communities....
real story of st patrick

Christianity’s Enduring Legacy in Ireland: The Real Story of Saint Patrick & His Transformative...

The real story of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is shrouded in a mix of history and legend, making the true narrative...
Mike Pence

‘Love Our Neighbor as Ourselves’—Mike Pence Draws Criticism for Comment About Adult Gender Transitions

While Mike Pence is adamant that gender transition protocols should not be available to any minor, he takes no political stance on these processes for adults who are making the decision.
Christian sex education

Christian Sex Education Is Crucial—And Must Start at Home

Christian sex education is a must for families of faith. Parents: If you're embarrassed to talk to your kids about sex, you need to get over it.
border security bill

Amid Catholic Opposition, House Passes GOP-Backed Border Security Bill

Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso called the bill 'harmful' and 'extreme' in a letter signaling the US bishops’ opposition to the legislation. The legislation is not likely to pass the Democrat-controlled Senate.

Pastors Should Think Bigger Than Foster Care and Adoption

An important part of the post-Roe puzzle—one that few people think about—is the broader life of the church, and how it fits into the pro-life mission.

Atlanta-Area Church Plans Pregnancy Home for Unwed Teens

“The Lord has blessed us with property and we are in a highly populated area, and there’s a need for a ministry like this. Our folks couldn’t be more excited. … We want to be a blessing.”

On Being a Political Christian

Politics matter, and if you are a Christian, you should be politically active. But how should a Christian be political?
latino voters

Ahead of Midterms, Faith Plays Central Role in Republican Efforts To Win Latino Votes

A group of Latina Republicans is seeking to flip congressional seats with a message of faith, family and country. Values, they say, that are central to Latino voters. Values, they believe, Democrats have abandoned.

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Digital Expert Brad Hill Shares With Ed Stetzer What ‘Spiritually Open’...

Brad Hill joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to explain just how valuable a resource the internet can be for pastors and why digital ministry is not merely an on-ramp to get people into church.