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Two Huge Considerations Before Preaching on Stewardship

preaching on stewardship

I worry about pastors who never take the time for preaching on stewardship. Whether they call it tithing or simply giving to the Lord, Scripture is saturated with teachings, admonitions, and instructions for preaching on stewardship.  This is not an optional subject for the faithful pastor.

Our people are often overwhelmed by financial bondage.  We owe it to the Lord and to them to teach Scriptural principles which will free them, will honor the Lord, will support God’s work throughout the world, and will result in Heavenly treasures for the givers.

When a pastor begins to plan a series of messages for preaching on stewardship, here are two major considerations to keep in the forefront…

Before preaching on stewardship, understand that God’s people are inundated by requests for money.

The appeals are relentless.  We must not join the mob hitting them up for money.

There are several good causes which I was happy to support but from which I have resigned chiefly for one reason: The organization or ministry interpreted my gift as an indication I would like to give a great deal more, a lot more, and would like to give  often. Sending them a check resulted in my name being entered into their database, which I understand, and that resulted in my mailbox being inundated with pleas for more money.  So, I opted out altogether.

The biggest benefit from being a charter member of the National World War Two Museum in New Orleans, I finally decided after a few years, is that it entitles you to be hit up for money again and again.  It wasn’t enough that I sent in my $100/annually (or whatever it was) to keep my membership current.  They wanted more, more, more!  The pleas were relentless.

And when I found out that they were not interested in responding to my requests to allow me to volunteer for upcoming programs, that all they wanted was my money and for me to be quiet, I canceled my membership. Now, when the periodic letters come from the Museum, I know what they are doing and the letters go unopened into File 13.

I hate it, but it’s a matter of survival.

I know the thinking behind this…