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3 Tell-Tale Signs a Young Leader Will Make It

Because of this, the following is happening:

Continual Improvement

You don’t expect a two-week employee to be a finished product but you are looking for steady growth and improvement. You’re wanting an upward trajectory in their performance. And this is happening.

Their questions are getting better. They are getting more and more information thrown at them. Their product knowledge is improving. When you give them coaching in one session, you see it implemented in the next.

They are continually improving.


As I look at a young leader, if the person has natural ability, a great attitude, and he or she accepts coaching and continually improves, they have a great chance to “make it.” I know the ones I am currently training do.

But all of us, even seasoned leaders, be diligent in our growth and development because nobody’s a finished product.

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.