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7 Things Pastors Should Never Say

4. If I talk about money, people will leave.

Apologetically preaching on money won’t do you good in the long run. Unchurched people aren’t stupid—they know it takes money to run a church. So pastors should never say they don’t talk about money.

Don’t be held hostage by fear, either of offending the unchurched or running off a key donor. Develop a holistic approach and a systematic plan for talking about one of the most important subjects facing 21st-century America.

The reality is this: When you talk about money the right way, people are helped and they grow closer to Jesus.

Tearing down the idol of greed is an important part of the discipleship process, and it should not be avoided or done in secret. Christians need to understand that it’s not feeling generous but acting generous that means they’re generous. They need to understand the biblical principle of stewardship.

People who are not Christ-followers still feel burdened by debt and out-of-control spending, and they crave helpful advice on the subject.

So pastor, don’t apologize for talking about money. Don’t introduce a sermon or a series on money with an apology or a five-minute disclaimer. Preach the whole counsel of God’s Word with boldness.