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7 Things Pastors Should Never Say

7. Can I get a pastor discount?

There are many underpaid pastors in the world, including lead pastors, youth pastors and missionaries. I remember my first job in ministry when I asked for a raise and was told, “We’ve always wanted to get you UP to the level of a public school teacher, but it’s going to take many years.” I could write about this for a really long time, but that’s not my point today.

Good stewardship is a good thing, but poor mouthing brings dishonor to the profession and calling of pastor.

I know a pastor who asked for a “pastor discount” at Home Depot—apparently new kitchen cabinets can be used for the Lord’s Work. I really do understand the financial limitations of most pastors and churches, but in my humble opinion, constantly asking for discounts seems to cheapen the importance of what pastors do.

I’m not advocating extravagant spending, from either the church or the leader, but a cheap mentality is deadly. Among the things pastors should never say, this one leads to broke thinking, which is hurting the church.

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