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How To Hear God’s Voice: 5 Things You’re Forgetting To Do

how to hear God's voice

Have you ever longed to be hearing from God? Have you ever wanted God to speak to you? Do you know how to hear God’s voice?

Maybe you’re facing a difficult decision. Maybe you need some comfort. Maybe you simply feel lost. When I’m in a hard spot, my first reaction is to look up and beg God, “Please just tell me what to do.”

But for many of us, this prayer is even more frustrating because it seems to be met with silence. It’s like our prayers couldn’t get through or like God’s iPhone is in a permanent dead-zone.

How to hear God’s voice: Does he hear US? 

The good news is, God can hear us, and he’s not dependent on the leading 4G provider. He hears our deepest prayers and is speaking to us constantly. We just need to learn to hear him.

When I picture hearing from God though, I tend to think of a deep, audible voice from the clouds. Yet that’s not always how God speaks.

God speaks in as many different ways as there are people to hear him. Here are some of his most common forms of communication.

How to hear God’s voice:

1. Hearing God’s Voice Through Scripture

Have you ever noticed that different parts of the Bible stick out to you each time you read it?

Scripture says the Bible is living and active, and useful in all kinds of ways. Notice what sticks out to you when you read. This might be how God is speaking to you.

What words resonate deep within your soul? What verses feel like they’re speaking straight to you? We’re able to hear so much from God as we read his word. We just need to pay attention.

2. Hearing God’s Voice Through an Inner voice

Few people actually hear the audible voice of God, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hear him.

The more time we spend with him, and the more we get to know him, the more familiar his voice becomes. His voice comes in the form of a thought you didn’t have before, or a deep inclination. The voice of God often feels like what we call “our conscience.”

Pay attention to what you’re feeling, sensing, thinking, and understanding. It’s a tricky thing to tap into, but the more time you spend listening, the better you’ll be able to hear.