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Leaders Are Bleeders: Pastors Who Want to Quit

Leaders Are Bleeders: Pastors Who Want To Quit

It has been said often the leaders are readers.  This is true.  But unbeknownst to many people entering leadership, they soon learn leaders are also bleeders. And that leads to pastors who want to quit.

Why do I say this?

I talk to pastors for a living.  More and more often I am spending time encouraging them and reminding them of the impact they are making in the lives of people.  This is necessary because there are so many pastors who want to quit.

Often a young man enters seminary or bible college wanting to honor God, reach people for Jesus, see the Great Commission advanced, and change the world.  They leave school well-prepared to preach and defend the faith.  However, they often leave poorly equipped to deal with elders and deacons.  They are also introduced to things like budget meetings, architects, builders, accountants, tax laws, zoning laws, and permitting.

Many pastors are blindsided by betrayals, staff and lay leader conflict, misunderstandings, bearing the burdens of others, and good friends leaving the church.

The average American pastor makes less in compensation than the average school teacher. They try to raise a family on meager salaries while sometimes carrying enormous student loan debt. In addition, many pastors and their wives both report having no friends.

This is not limited to just pastors.  All leaders face their own set of issues.  But betrayal, misunderstandings, feelings of inadequacy, and loneliness are universal.  They affect all leaders from time-to-time.

Leadership is wonderful.  You have a front row seat to seeing the lives of people changed. But leadership also hurts.

Leaders pay a higher price than others.  It has been said that if you feel like you’re getting kicked in the rear, it just means you’re out front.  Well, at a certain point your rear end begins to hurt… a lot!  Leaders do not know they signed up for regular butt-kickings!  But they did.  This is the small print of the leadership contract.