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5 Things Smart Churches Are Doing During the Coronavirus

5 Things Smart Churches Are Doing During The Coronavirus

So much is going on in the world now and from the crisis, five practices of smart churches are standing out.

Recently, a friend of mine visited with a church in Alabama to discuss the church’s culture of generosity.  The conversation included discussing their current giving needs as well as future capital needs.

He told the leaders in attendance something interesting.  He said, “There’s a pretty good college football coach in the state right?”  To which all enthusiastically nodded.  It was then a drop-the-mic statement was made.  He asked, “What do you think Nick Saban is doing right now?  Do you think he is just trying to make it and hope this virus passes as soon as possible?  Or do you think he is planning, thinking ahead, getting better, and positioning Alabama for a championship season?”  The answer was obvious to those in attendance.

He then said pastors and churches should do the same thing.  Nick Saban is planning ahead, personally improving, innovating, and positioning the Alabama Crimson Tide to try to win a championship.  Pastors, your mission and vision is far more important. Are you doing the same?

The following are just 5 of the things smart churches are doing during the coronavirus:

1. Leadership development for their staff and key volunteers.  Don’t waste a crisis. Now is the perfect time for training and developing new skills.  I recommend every staff member identifies one thing they want to learn or improve upon and then development a personal growth plan which they will be held accountable for.

2. Killing sub-standard ministries.  Pastors, there are things in your church you have known for a LONG time were are not being done with excellence.  Now is the time to kill them with the plan of relaunching new, improved or repurposed versions when we are able to gather together again.

3. Smart churches are having financial planning meetings right now.  Whatever space or funding needs you had pre-coronavirus, those needs are only going to be greater post-coronavirus because of the large number of people who will be attending weekly services.  Smart churches are currently developing strategies to increase weekly giving, rebuild their giving base, help unemployed or under-resourced people get back on their feet, and raise significant capital in the Fall or early 2021 for space or debt retirement needs.  If this describes you, click HERE and I will be glad to have a consultation call with you.  Now is the time to be having those initial conversations.

4. Hiring new staff.  This sounds counter-intuitive but economic downturns are a garage sale for the rich.  There is a lot of quality talent available right now.  Churches with margin should take advantage of this opportunity.  Click HERE to speak with my friends at Chemistry Staffing if you are looking for key ministerial staff.

5. Serving and building relationships with the medical community.  We have always honored and served educators, law enforcement and first responders.  And my heavens rightfully so!!!  They are heroes.  One of the good things which has come out of COVID-19 is we have added the medical community to this list and spotlighted the vital role they play in our lives.

Once again, do not waste this crisis.  Nick Saban isn’t and neither should you.  Develop Leaders, Kill Substandard Ministries, Plan For Generosity, Hire New Staff, and Serve The Medical Community.  These are 5 things smart churches are doing right now.

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