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10 Facts About People Who Experience Success or Failure in Life

success or failure

Don’t you just grow tired of people who always have an excuse for their failures or blame someone else for their lot in life?  Even the most compassionate leaders have a breaking point.

The picture shown above is one of my favorite images.  It illustrates the differences between experiencing success or failure as much as anything I have seen.

As we study the picture, we discover 10 Facts About People Who Experienced Success Or Failure In Life:

  1. A short cut today is the fastest way to ensure failure tomorrow.
  2. The difference between success and failure is often not a large gap, it is often just a few inches.
  3. People who experience success are often more willing to pay a greater price than those who fail.
  4. Ironically, as shown in the picture, more people are positioned for success in life than failure.  They often just don’t know it.
  5. Everyone in this picture had the same opportunity to succeed or fail.  Some chose to not pay the price or take advantage of their opportunity, one in particular.
  6. Talent is not enough.  Everyone in this picture is talented.
  7. Someone is always watching you.  Be sure your sins will find you out.
  8. Your public success is determined by the price you are willing to pay in private.
  9. Everyone has to make or remake the decision every day and every rep to not cut corners.
  10. You should never make excuses if you experienced failure while not giving your absolute best.  You know if you cut corners or not.  Accept responsibility.

What lessons about success or failure did you glean from the picture provided?

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