Parents: Are You More Concerned about Your Child’s Success than You Are about His or Her Godliness?

Beth Moore Parents

There is no lack of advice when it comes to parenting, especially for Christians. Parenting books, seminars, conferences, and blogs drill into us the importance of raising our children “in the Lord” while offering training to implement this. In the midst of all this parenting clamor, is there one indispensable attitude that parents must own while raising their children? Popular Bible teacher Beth Moore believes so and that attitude is “guts”!

In the following video, Moore explains why parents have to have the capacity to pray some pretty gutsy prayers for their children. She uses a story from her own parenting experience that brings the point home.

When our children are rebelling, are we willing to ask God to bring hard circumstances into their lives in order for them to see the folly of their rebellion?  Many parents will not pray that prayer because we are more concerned about our kids being successful than being godly. Do we as parents have guts enough to have our children strive toward fulfilling the plan that God has ordained for them before the foundation of the world, or will we incessantly coddle (and thereby worship) them? When we don’t parent with godly guts, we will produce children who, when they turn 60, will sadly say to themselves, “how on earth did I get to this point?”

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