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Glenn Packiam: The Gift of the Christian Calendar

Glenn Packiam

Glenn Packiam is the pastor of New Life Downtown in Colorado Springs, Colorado. After serving as one of the founding leaders and songwriters of the Desperation Band, Glenn switched roles to be a full-time pastor. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in theology from Durham University. Glenn is the author of a handful of books including Discover the Mystery of Faith and Lucky. Glenn and his wife, Holly, have four children.

Key Questions:

What value does the church calendar hold for the modern church?

How can pastors use Advent to help the people in their congregations connect with God during the week?

What advice do you have for a pastor who hasn’t done much with the church calendar but would like to start?

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Key Quotes:

“[The church calendar] is an extension of discipleship. It’s about Jesus. It’s about marking time along the life of Christ.”

“The fast is not just an expression of religious piety; the fast is supposed to be a thing that leads you toward generosity and justice.”

“One of the things that the season of Advent invites us to reflect on is not just Christ’s first arrival (Advent, comes from the Latin word Adventus, which means arrival)…but on his future coming.”

“Advent reminds us that we are a people that live between two arrivals.”

“The Christian calendar doesn’t emerge out of legalism or trying to please God. It emerges out of this deep tradition of God’s people marking time differently, and that is our counter-cultural resistance.”

“I’m very passionate about helping people embrace [the use of church traditions] as an expression of their devotion and as a mechanism for discipleship—as opposed to a fussy, religious, have-to tradition.”

“If you’re hungry for a practice that intentionally teaches you to mark time differently and to weekly, daily, center your heart on Jesus is a very practical, embodied way, the church calendar is a wonderful, wonderful way to do that.”

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