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Grant Skeldon: If You Want to Be Discipled, Be Hungry

Grant Skeldon

Grant Skeldon responded to the charge that millennials are noncommittal, cynical, entitled, slacktivists, by starting Initiative Network in order to shift the culture of Dallas by training millennials to be Christ-loving, city-changing, church-investing, disciple-making, local missionaries.

Key Questions for Grant Skeldon:

– What are the greatest challenges in building a bridge to millennials?
– What can millennials do to improve their ability to mentored?
– What can pastors do to help nurture positive relationships across generational divides?

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Key Quotes from Grant Skeldon:

“Discipleship disrupts division.”

“George Bailey is like a lot of millennials…he’s very passionate and wants to be part of something bigger than himself.”

“Millennials have OCD, obsessive comparison disorder, they’re constantly looking at other people’s lives.”

“Discipleship hinges on the availability and the vulnerability of the discipler, or the older generation, or sometimes I joke the chronologically superior generation.”

“One thing that disappoints me about my generation is the lack of hunger because no matter how available or vulnerable a leader is, if a young person isn’t hungry, they’re not going to learn.”

“Jesus wept blood and tears and he let the disciples see that.”

“The most influential 20-somethings that I know in the nation that are believers and have a nationally impactful business, ministry or church always have some older, wiser godly mentors.”

“If you’re not often the youngest guy in the room then you’re hanging out in the wrong rooms.”

“A lot of churches have making disciples part of their ministry statement but if you ask them….they don’t have accountability measurements (for their staff).”

“If you ask a church…how many disciples did you make?  A lot of times there’s no measurement. We measure what matters most.”

“We don’t have a millennial problem, we have a discipleship problem.”

“Discipleship redeems every age group because you never become obsolete or unnecessary.”

Links Mentioned by Grant Skeldon in the Show:

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