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Gary Haugen: Mobilizing the Church to End Slavery

Gary Haugen

Gary A. Haugen is an American attorney who is the Founder, CEO, and former President of International Justice Mission, a global organization that protects the poor from violence throughout the developing world.

Key Questions for Gary Haugen:

– How can the church be a part of justice ministry?
– Do you have some success stories where slavery has been defeated?

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Key Quotes from Gary Haugen:

“The one category where we could not see where the body of Christ had very much capacity to respond was where the poor were the victims of violence.”

“If I’m being beaten up on the side of the road and a Christian comes along, what do I want him to do?”

“One of the biggest forms of violence that the poor suffer around the world is slavery.”

“Let’s rediscover God’s passion for justice in Scripture.”

“More than 3000 churches around the world have dedicated themselves to Freedom Sunday.”

“On our best days God is calling us to lead our churches in the tough things because that’s when we’ll need God.”

“Our churches should be growing and their influence throughout the world increasing.”

“Pastors yearn for their people to be revitalized and alive to God.”

“There is nothing that revitalizing that experience of God than being his witness in more difficult places.”

“The early church grew because of the supernatural way Christians loved the weak and vulnerable that couldn’t be explained.”

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