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Juli Slattery: Embracing a Biblical Narrative of Sexuality

Juli Slattery

Juli Slattery is a recognized expert in the integration of biblical truth and sexuality. She is a clinical psychologist, author, and speaker, with over twenty-five years of experience counseling, discipling, and teaching women.

Key Questions for Juli Slattery:

– How do questions about our sexuality relate to our spirituality?
– How does what we find in scripture relate to sexuality?

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Key Quotes from Juli Slattery:

“Not only are my opinions and actions about sexuality based on my beliefs about God but also my sexual experiences impact how I view God.”

“Understanding how God created our sexuality teaches us about his covenant love.”

“We’re far more comfortable with secular talk related to sexuality than spiritual talk related to spirituality and that has accelerated in the last decade or so.”

“The church, at best, has given us a list of do’s and don’ts about sexuality that don’t involve a narrative…you tend to view your sexuality through the cultural narrative.”

“We need to embrace a biblical narrative that helps us make sense of sexuality not just a list of rules that we keep reciting.”

“We have rejected God as a reliable sense of truth and shifted to humanistic society where I can be the source of truth.”

“If I worship the creator and strive to live with integrity to him that will get me further to a place of fulfillment and joy than trying to be try to what I want.”

“Pastors are in a real difficult spot related to sexuality because it’s divisive but also because we have no models to follow.”

“God’s word is always divisive. Jesus told us the world hated hm and it will hate us.”

“We have to start laying the groundwork regarding how we all struggle with sexuality.”

Humility toward God helps me stay grounded in truth. Humility toward people keeps me grounded in love.”

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