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Dean Sweetman and Frank Barry: What Pastors Need to Know About Year-End Giving


Dean Sweetman is the co-founder and CEO of Tithe.ly. Before launching Tithe.ly, Dean was involved in ministry for more than 30 years. During his ministry, he planted more than 50 churches and raised millions of dollars to spread the gospel, equip leaders, and see lives transformed by Jesus. When Dean is not helping churches increase giving and grow their church, he enjoys spending time with his wife and family.

Frank Barry is a founding executive team member and COO at Tithe.ly. Prior to Tithe.ly, Frank spent nearly 15 years helping churches, charities, and nonprofit organizations leverage technology to advance their mission, and he’s also served as a youth minister for five years. When Frank’s not helping churches use technology to advance the Kingdom, he’s spending time with his triplet boys and their super-hero mommy in San Diego, CA.

Key Questions for Dean and Frank:

– What year-end giving tactics have you seen that are most effective?

– Is there anything that pastors should avoid with year-end giving?

– When should pastors talk about year-end giving?

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Key Quotes from Dean and Frank:

Dean Sweetman:

“December is generally the most generous time of the year.”

“People get really focused on giving apart from everything else that’s going on in December.”

“Always use Scripture as your foundation for any conversation about money and generosity.”

“There are two types of pastors in my experience: Pastors who know how to talk about money and pastors who don’t.”

“Usually what I find is the pastors that are uncomfortable talking about money, there’s a vision issue. Because if you’ve got a vision to reach your city for Christ…you know that that’s going to require income.”

“After the 25th, people get through the Christmas services, they’ve done the family thing with their family, then after that, there is an incredible amount of finance that comes in.”

“Make giving easy.”

Frank Barry:

“A lot of pastors don’t totally dial in to the fact that December is a big month for giving.”

“In the U.S., there’s $120-130 billion given to faith-based charities and churches, and almost 19 percent of that happens in December—with a massive portion of that happening the last three days.”

“Don’t make giving hard.”

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