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Robby Gallaty: Jesus’ Life Was Just As Important As His Death

Robby Gallaty is the senior pastor at Long Hollow Baptist Church. Prior to becoming a pastor, Robby struggled with a crippling drug addiction that cost him countless emotional trauma and financial difficulty. Robby was radically saved in 2002. In addition to his leadership at Long Hollow, Robby is also the founder of Replicate Ministries and the author of several books, including Here and Now. Robby and his wife, Kandi, have two sons.

Key Questions for Robby Gallaty

– How can Christians understand what the Kingdom of God is for us, here and now?

– What do you mean by saying sometimes we only preach half the gospel?

Key Quotes from Robby Gallaty

“Jesus talked about the kingdom of heaven more than any other doctrine, more than any other concept in his ministry. That is the most talked-about concept.”

“Ninety percent of the time Jesus talked about the Kingdom of Heaven not as a place that was there and then…for Jesus, 90 percent of the time the Kingdom of Heaven was here and now.”

“Could it be that we have spent most of our time as pastors, church leaders, Christians teaching our people what they’re safe from and we have neglected to train and equip them to show them what they’re saved for?”

“If heaven’s only some place I go to after I die, then whatever I do here on earth is optional.”

“If the Christian life was only about trying to get you out of earth, into heaven, then why in the world would Jesus leave us here after conversion?”

“Jesus’ life was just as important as Jesus’ death.”

“Discipleship can kind of be a junk-drawer term.”

“When Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount, he didn’t just give it as some lofty way of living that no one could aspire to, and he was the only one that could do it, so why even try?…I think Jesus gave us the Sermon on the Mount as a lifestyle to shoot for empowered and infused by grace given by him.”

“I don’t think you can be a Christian and trust Jesus as Savior but not obey him as Lord. You’re following Jesus as King, Lord, and Savior. You can’t compartmentalize the attributes of Jesus.”

“You can have all the religious activity in the world and still be on the throne of your own heart.”

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